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Estate administration can sometimes lead to estate litigation involving bickering family members on a quest to contest a will or trust. This can be an emotional and stressful time for everyone involved, and the process is often complicated, time-consuming and costly. When these situations surface, you need a calm, experienced and aggressive estate planning attorney to iron out things.

Established in 1985, The Law Offices of D'Addario & Collins in Newport, Rhode Island, has the experience and demeanor to help you. Founding attorney The Law Offices of D'Addario & Collins will provide the insight, attention and results you need. He will defend against contested wills and trusts as well as represent family members who suspect their loved ones changed the estate plan under questionable circumstances.

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Mr. D’Addario has nearly over 50 years of legal experience. As a solo practitioner, he will provide the attention you need. As a probate judge, he understands the inner workings of estate administration, estate planning and probate. He will answer your questions and help develop an effective legal strategy.

Disinherited and disgruntled heirs and beneficiaries are often behind the contesting of wills and trusts. Among the reasons these legal documents are contested, include:

  • Undue influence: Threats, coercion and unscrupulous behavior by some people, including heirs and beneficiaries, may lead to a vulnerable or not-so-vulnerable person to agree in signing a legally questionable will or trust.
  • Lack of necessary capacity: Perhaps the person who created the will or trust no longer had the mental capacity to understand his or her estate, the amount of assets, the relationships within the family or even the legality in signing such documents.
  • Procured via fraud: A person is duped into signing documents that turn out to be wills or trust as part of an estate plan.
  • Forgery: Forged wills and trusts can surface, especially when a person is vulnerable, or no estate plan can be found in some cases.
  • Improper execution: Perhaps the will was not signed or witnessed as required by the law.

Mr. D’Addario brings a tradition of excellence and a strong devotion to his clients. His skills as a negotiator and litigator along with his versatility as an attorney and a judge benefit every one of his clients.

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Estate administration can go less than smoothly. If an estate is contested, you need an experienced litigator to help. The Law Offices of D'Addario & Collins in Newport, Rhode Island, has decades of experience in guiding clients. For a free initial consultation, please contact us online or call 401-236-8202.