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You Have More Options With Limited-Scope Representation

For Rhode Island businesses and individuals who do not need comprehensive legal representation, limited-scope representation is a cost-effective method of resolving legal issues. The Law Offices of D'Addario & Collins in Newport offers limited-scope representation to its clients to provide them the exact amount of assistance they need at an affordable price.

Unbundling Legal Services

In a limited-scope representation arrangement, you retain an attorney to advise and represent you for certain aspects of your transaction or conflict, while you handle the rest yourself. Examples of limited-scope representation that attorney The Law Offices of D'Addario & Collins provides for clients include:

  • You negotiate a sales contract, and we review the contract for you.
  • We advise you prior to a mediation session or arbitration hearing, where you represent yourself or your business.
  • You negotiate a real estate sale, and we represent you at the closing.
  • We prepare the necessary documents for court in family law matters (including divorces), probate proceedings, small claims cases and other similar legal matters, while you attend court on your own (pro se).

Rhode Island law now allows lawyers to provide this type of “unbundled” legal service. Among the advantages of limited-scope representation is that it gives you control over your legal costs. For relatively simple matters, you can save substantially by handling part of the matter yourself — while also taking advantage of Mr. D’Addario’s more than 47 years experience in private practice.

Interested In Limited-Scope Representation?

For more information about limited-scope representation and how it can benefit you or your small business, contact The Law Offices of D'Addario & Collins online or at 401-236-8202. We know you are busy, so we offer flexible meeting times. Our office is next door to the Newport County Courthouse.